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Social Media Management: Facebook & Instagram $500. 5 posts a week. This includes posting, liking, following and engaging.  

Additional Social Media Platform: $100 per platform. 5 posts a week. This includes posting, liking, following and engaging, separately with a different post from FB/ IG.

Influencer & Ambassador Relations: $75 per one account management

Email Blast: $125 if we provide text (up to 400 words), $75 if you provide text.

Blog Upload: $50 per blog upload. You provide text

Write & Blog Upload: $50 plus 10 cents a word

Social Media Photography: $100 for 30 minute photoshoot (10-20 images). Travel costs may occur 

Social Media Clips: 10 second clip $70, 20 second clip $95. Travel costs may occur 

Content Writing: 10 cents a word. $30 minimum

Social Media Consulting: $150 an hour

Graphic design: $75 per hour